Investment Policy Statement

ACL Investment Philosophy and Policy provides for.:-

  • Long term strategy.
  • Foundation for all future investment decisions.
  • Guidepost, identified goals and a systematic review process.
  • Keep investors focused (emotions).
  • Baseline from which to monitor performance.
  • Clearly planned to achieve stated goals and objectives.

Focus on an asset allocation plan/policy that will enhance value with reduced investment risk:

**Private Equity/ Venture Capital 50-70% while Real Estate 30-40%**

Investment Universe

  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Real Estate, Mezzanine or bridging Finance & Syndication
  • Large holdings in listed superior growth potential companies
  • Opportunities outside Kenya
  • Co-investing with chama shareholders.

These are the areas individual investment groups do not/cannot easily or economically venture into.

Current areas of investment

  1. Financial Services – A sacco that offer financial products and is leading in corporate governance.
  2. Agri-Business – Contract manufacturing company that also does Aloe Vera based products, Pruna Tea and cosmetics.
  3. Manufacturing – A fashion accessories business that does export only.
  4. Incinerator – Waste management facility based at the EPZ
  5. Credit Reference bureau – Credit reference company that also deals with debt collection.
  6. Real Estate Syndication – Upcoming and proposed Ecolodge next to Amboseli National Park (and in close proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro)
  7. Insurance Agency – Insurance agency that offers competitive products and preferential terms.