The Kenya Association of Investment Groups (KAIG) is an association of over 70 investment groups and membership is growing fast. Many of these associations are eager to grow fast, invest in high-value assets like real estate and in the riskier but higher returning SME asset class.

Their rates of growth are however limited by the amount each member can contribute, while at the same time, there are some individual members who could contribute more if there was another investment vehicle available to encourage higher contributions. Hence, some members have proposed that KAIG forms an investment company in which groups would pool in resources and then the new company would invest in bigger projects, the same principle behind forming investment groups in the first place and at the same time provide a sustainable funding base for KAIG away from reliance on corporate sponsorships.

The KAIG Board of Directors has deliberated on the proposal and has come to a conclusion that there is merit in the proposal and thus the formation of Amalgamated Chama Limited.