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Amalgamated Chama Limited has a clearly written down Investment Philosophy and Policy that has a long term strategy with clear planned stated goals and objectives.

The Investment Philosophy and Policy that seeks to be a:

  1. Foundation for all future investment decisions.
  2. Guidepost for identified potential investments.
  3. Baseline from which to monitor performance.
  4. An instrument to Keep investors focused by avoiding “emotional investing”


Amalgamated Chama Limited will venture into the following investments fields:-

  1. SME financing – Equity and convertible debt
  2. Real estate syndication
  3. Venture capital
  4. Co-invest with member Chamas.
  5. Insurance Coverage for members / ACL Stakeholders

To sum it all – in-order to add value to its members – ACL will only invest in projects that individual chamas cannot invest, due to one constraint or another. Any project undertaken must have a hurdle rate that is 50% above the long term government bond rate.