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As a way of mitigating against risk and providing assurance to the shareholders that their interests are kept at the forefront always, ACL has come up with the following risk mitigation avenues:-

Competent Board of Directors –
For an individual to become a member of the ACL Board of Directors, one has to be a person of high integrity with a proven track record in the finance industry. A six month probation before admission before full admission to the ACL Board is required.

Robust Investment Policy –
This provides a clearly written down guidepost on how investment decision are made and executed.

Assets are held by a custodian –
All assets acquired by ACL are held by a Capital Markets Authority and Central Bank of Kenya licensed financial institution.

Audited Accounts

Accounts are audited annually and presented to shareholders.

Third party Written Independent professional –
To advice for all investments decisions made.

Regular communication to shareholders through:

  • Monthly “e-shot” from the ACL Board of Directors,
  • Quarterly founder members’ meeting,
  • Bi-Annual briefing meeting for all ACL shareholders,
  • Annual General Meeting for all shareholders.