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The Concept

Amalgamated Chama Limited (The Chama of Chama’s) is a limited company formed under the auspices of Kenya Association of Investment Groups (KAIG). It provides an avenue for investment groups to pool their resources and realize superior long term returns under a serious, dynamic and best-practice run investment group.

It will also provide the Kenya Association of Investment Groups with a long-term, sustainable financial base. Through the assistance of professional investment advisors, the company will assess / originate investment opportunities to consider investing in.

Our Purpose

To enable investment groups access investment areas that they cannot easily or economically venture into.


  1. To mobilize capital and invest for Africa’s growth.
  2. Create a virtuous cycle of saving, investment and growth and delivering superior returns and value to shareholders.
  3. Be a strong investment brand.
  4. Be listed on a recognized stock exchange by 2020.
  5. To grow wealthy together.

Our Goal

ACL targets to raise KShs 1 billion by the year 2015 under a well-functioning and world class run board.  By 2020 we would like to be listed on a recognized exchange.